Bloomsday Festival

James Joyce fans around the world celebrate Bloomsday on 16 June every year, but nowhere as creatively as in Dublin, the birthplace of the famous novelist. The festival commemorates his masterpiece Ulysses, one of the most highly acclaimed literary works of the 20th century, in which Joyce captured the soul of Dublin in the tale of Leopold Bloom and his adventures on Thursday, 16 June 1904. The celebrations include re-enactments of Bloom's day as people visit the places where the novel was set, as well as readings, performances, breakfasts, look-alike contests and visits to the pub. It is wonderful fun to join a Bloomsday Walking Tour of Dublin - even if you haven't read the book - and these walks usually include readings and enactments. Places which draw Joyce fans on Bloomsday include Saint Mary's Abbey (featured in the book), Lincoln's Inn (frequented by Joyce), Rathgar Village (where Joyce was born), and the James Joyce Museum in Sandy Cove (the spot that inspired the opening chapter).

For Joyce fans visiting Dublin, it is worth checking out what events are being held by the James Joyce Centre during your stay. They host lectures, walking tours and all sorts of activities to promote the work of the author throughout the year - check the website for details.

Date: 16 June 2015

Website: www.jamesjoyce.ie