Kruger National Park


The Kruger National Park is South Africa's oldest, largest and best-known wildlife conservation area, home to a huge variety of wildlife and most famous for its 'Big Five' viewing opportunities. Visitors have an excellent chance of seeing lion, elephant, leopard, buffalo and rhino among the enormous variety of wildlife, including over 140 species of mammals, 500 species of birds, reptiles and amphibians. Situated on South Africa's north eastern border, Kruger is a primary destination for international tourists, and is visited by more than half a million local and international visitors every year who are attracted by the different safari options as well as the park's excellent range of visitor facilities and choice of accommodation, from luxurious game lodges to cottages and camping. Because of the park's popularity, it is advisable to book far ahead for both day visits and extended stays. Bookings can be made through the park's website. Kruger is a year-round destination, but the game viewing is at its best in the winter months, between June and August. The park is more lush and the landscapes more beautiful in summer but it gets very hot and the animals are more difficult to spot. The Kruger Park is generally very safe and tourists should be in no danger if they abide by the rules and treat the animals with respect; these are, after all, wild animals in their natural environment and some of them can be dangerous if they feel threatened.

Website: www.sanparks.org/parks/kruger

Telephone: 013 735 4000

Opening times: Park gates: daily 5:30am to 6:30pm (November-February), 6am to 5:30/6pm (March to October). Camp gates open 4:30am (January), 5:30am (February, March and October to December), 6am (April to September); closing times same as park gates

Admission: R180 (foreign adult), R90 (foreign child under 12) per day; R45 per day for South African residents