Blue Lagoon



A favourite and unique attraction close to Reykjavik, about 30 miles (50km) south west of the city, is the man-made geothermal 'Blue Lagoon', set in a lava field, filled with mineral-rich hot water pumped from about a mile below the surface. The lagoon is flanked by a luxurious health spa where visitors come to be pampered and treated for skin ailments like eczema and psoriasis. The lagoon's surreal phosphorescent aquamarine colour is caused by the therapeutic ecosystem of algae, silica and minerals in the water.

Address: 240 Grindavik, Iceland

E-mail: bluelagoon@bluelagoon.com

Website: www.bluelagoon.com

Telephone: 420 8817

Transport: The Blueline bus company offers transport to and from the Blue Lagoon, other transport options are outlined on the official website

Opening times: Open daily from 8am to 9pm in summer (June 1st to August 31st), and 10am to 8pm in winter (September 1st to May 31st)

Admission: Adults EUR28 and teenagers 12 to 15 years old EUR 7. Children when accompanied by parents/guardian, free