Sibenik is an historic town, located in central Dalmatia. One of the most notable things about the town's history is the amount of nations that have claimed it as part of their territory: Between the 11th and 12th centuries Sibenik was claimed by Venice, Byzantium, Hungary and the Kingdom of Bosnia (the Republic of Venice only surrendered the territory in 1797); after World War One Italy briefly claimed Sibenik, and during World War Two it was occupied by the Germans and the Italians. As one might imagine, the town is the product of diverse influences and it has a rich cultural heritage.

Sibenik is home to the crowning glory of the Dalmatian Coast, the Cathedral of St Jacob, which was the masterpiece of sculptor Juraj Dalmatinac. It is reputedly the largest church in the world to be built entirely from stone and is unusual for its 71 stone heads on the exterior walls, a beautiful baptistery, the domed roof complex, and various works of art in the interior of the building. The city also makes a good base from which to visit the nearby Krka National Park.