Trakoscan Castle



Trakoscan is a legendary 13th-century Gothic castle that was home to various influential families for centuries before finally falling into abandoned disrepair in the second half of the 18th century, when it belonged to the Draskovic family. In the 1950s the castle was taken over by the state and turned into a living museum, reconstructing life in a medieval castle. Visitors can explore four levels, including the dungeon, and finish their exploration by enjoying the surrounding parklands.

Trakoscan Castle is a spectacular journey for the imagination as it feels so authentic and you can wander with remarkable freedom through the stone corridors, up and down the winding staircases and into the numerous rooms. It is a great attraction to enjoy with kids because they particularly love exploring the castle; with the lake and forest setting it really does appear to be straight out of a fairytale or a medieval romance. The castle contains original artefacts from its history, including furniture and weaponry, and the displays are informative and well laid out. As wandering through the castle, and its beautiful grounds, can be somewhat tiring, you may want to stop for a break at the restaurant by the lake.