Ngwe Saung



This beautiful 10-mile (15km) palm-lined white sand beach is amazingly empty of tourists. The area must be expecting a large influx of visitors though, as luxury resorts line the north end. At the town's main junction and bus stop the street goes left, to cheaper accommodation, or right, towards town. A small touristy village has materialised on the beach's parallel road, with craft stalls selling cheap trinkets and delicious seafood. At low tide a small island appears which you can walk to and around.

Package tours can arrange transport and hotels but the beach is usually easy to get to from Yangon without pre-arrangement. The bus station next to Yangon's train station sells tickets for the five to six hour ride to the lovely coast; however, passengers should be wary of being passed off to smaller buses and charged again. Ngwe Saung is a paradise not yet thronged by the crowds of tourists it deserves, and those who like their beaches remote and pristine will love this coastline. It is a popular excursion from Yangon, and many choose to stay one or two nights to enjoy the lovely beaches.