Eilat is a popular holiday resort located at the northern tip of the Red Sea. It has wonderfully warm temperatures that seldom drop below 70°F (21°C). Many visitors travel to Eilat to enjoy its fantastic diving and snorkelling opportunities in the Red Sea, one of the world's most magnificent marine preserves. Brightly coloured coral fish, moray eels and even manta rays can be seen, while landlubbers will enjoy lazing on the beautiful beach and splashing in the shallows. For those who love sea creatures a popular activity in Eilat is swimming with the bottlenose dolphins in their natural environment.

A lesser-known activity in Eilat is bird-watching, as more than one billion birds navigate between the Mediterranean coast and the Jordan Mountains, making the area one of the best places to watch migratory flight. The Timna Valley National Park is located just north of Eilat and is a wonderful excursion for those wanting a day in the desert on camel-back or by jeep, while the more active can enjoy hiking in the desert mountains. The Red Canyon is a dramatic and beautiful feature of the area which attracts many hikers and provides fun for the whole family. Another popular Eilat excursion for children is a visit to the Hai Bar National Biblical Wildlife Reserve, a kind of zoo which collects and protects endangered animals from the Bible.

Transport: The best way to travel is by plane from Tel Aviv; otherwise, the journey time is approximately four hours by car from either Tel Aviv or Jerusalem.