Al Dar Island



Al Dar Island is Bahrain's best-kept secret: a Mediterranean beach resort with sparkling blue seas that offers activities like dolphin viewing, pearl collecting, fishing, scuba diving, boating and other water sports. Because Bahrain's beaches are notoriously poor, Al Dar is a popular excursion for both locals and tourists in Manama and all over the country.

Though small, there are several beaches on Al Dar to choose from, none of which are overcrowded due to the strict limits regarding the number of visitors per day. The beaches are all clean and well-kept with good shower and ablution facilities, plus several decent restaurants and shops. The island is also known for its beach parties and a nightlife which in Bahrain terms is quite lively.

Booking ahead is essential, as only a few tickets to Al Dar are allocated per day, and international visitors are required to present their passports at the Port Office before embarking on the ferry to Al Dar.

Website: www.aldarislands.com