Our Lady of Lebanon



Our Lady of Lebanon is a bronze statue of the Virgin Mary (painted white for added splendour), dating back from the 19th century, and erected on a hill overlooking the beautiful Bay of Jounieh. A major Lebanese pilgrimage destination, the statue is also a roundly celebrated tourist attraction.

From its vantage - 2,130 feet (650m) above sea level - an unforgettable view unfurls, particularly at sunset, when the western sky darkens over the sea. An added benefit is the Téléphérique gondola lift (cable car) system, which offers a thrilling (and affordable) ride up the pine-forested mountain to the shrine. Those looking to make a day out of their trip to see Our Lady of Lebanon can also walk up the steep hillside - it's about 5.5 miles (9km) from the town of Jounieh to Harissa at the summit. Jounieh is located just 12.5 miles (about 20km) north of Beirut, and is considered an obligatory stop for holidaymakers in Lebanon.

Address: Harissa, Lebanon