Todra Gorge



The Todra Gorge, a canyon on the eastern side of the High Atlas Mountains, is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular natural attractions that Morocco has to offer. Nature lovers who feel starved in the choked streets of Morocco's cities can simply take the trip to the Todra Gorge (most easily accessed from the town of Tinerhir) where they will be rewarded by the experience of a lifetime. To put the grandeur of the gorge into perspective, consider that over its final 1,950 feet (600m), the canyon narrows to a rocky passage only 33 feet (10m) wide, while the sheer walls rise up 984 feet (300m) on either side.

Sunlight only reaches the bottom of the Todra Gorge, where an ice-cold river flows, for a few hours each morning, and night-time temperatures regularly fall below freezing. Although a place of awesome ruggedness, tourists need not worry about being too far 'off the beaten track' as a well-maintained hiking path runs through the gorge, and there are restaurants and even a hotel situated about halfway along. In fact, those in search of a tranquil wilderness may be disappointed as the gorge's popularity ensures that it is sometimes quite crowded. Climbing is a popular activity in the gorge and several adventure tour operators offer climbing trips and equipment.