Romantic Road



To experience the best of medieval Germany, thousands of visitors drive, bus or cycle their way along the Romantic Road, a 180 mile (290km) route between Munich and Frankfurt that links together a string of quaint, well-preserved walled towns dating back a thousand years or more. The towns en route have banded together to market their attractions and ensure Romantic Road travellers are well informed and accommodated. Bicycles can be rented at any train station along the road, and tourist offices along the route provide maps and information. There are brown signposts along the route in several languages and many attractions along the way including amazing castles, some great museums and historic sightseeing in the ancient towns; the natural surroundings are also very beautiful and there is lots of yummy local cuisine to sample along the way.

The Romantic Road is a deservedly popular route and some of the attractions and villages can get crowded, particularly during peak tourist season. The route starts in Würzburg but you can start following the trail at any point you choose. The best known of the towns on the Romantic Road is Rothenburg, in the Tauber River Valley, and other favourites along the way are Dinkelsbuhl and Nordlingen.

Website: www.romantischestrasse.de