Slovakia is famous for its folk architecture - medieval houses and churches, often built from logs that are joined without nails - and the small town of Vlkolinec is the best place in Slovakia to experience this unique cultural sight. Located about three hours from Bratislava, near the Czech Republic border, Vlkolinec is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and a must-see for tourists who are interested in European history and the folklore of the people of the Carpathian Mountains. The town (whose name derives from the Slovak word for 'wolf') is set in a picturesque alpine landscape, and features about 45 of the distinctive wooden houses, numerous carved wooden statues, and a museum exhibiting the instruments that were used during the construction of the town. There is also a Baroque chapel with a wooden belfry to marvel at. Vlkolinec is one of Slovakia's premier tourist destinations.

Website: www.slovakia.com/museum/vlkolinec/