Lake Bled



Slovenia's most popular destination, the charming town of Bled is located just 45 minutes' drive from the capital Ljubljana, and is the base for many tourists holidaying in Slovenia. A town with an ancient history and gorgeous natural surrounds, Bled's foremost attraction is the glacial Lake Bled, a cobalt-blue expanse of water with a forested island in the middle, accessible by traditional rowboats known as pletnas.

Overlooking the lake is the photogenic Bled Castle, while the island itself is home to one of Slovenia's most impressive sights: the tall and spired Assumption of Mary Pilgrimage Church. Bled offers tourists a range of great outdoor sporting activities, such as golfing, fishing and horse riding, while the nearby Triglav National Park has fantastic walking and hiking trails. Those looking for a cost-effective and richly rewarding European vacation should check out Bled, Slovenia's undisputed tourist jewel.