Triglav National Park



The only national park in Slovenia, Triglav National Park is named after the highest peak in the Julian Alps, Mount Triglav. Appearing on the Slovenian flag, the mountain is a symbol of national identity - and its craggy, snow-covered summit provides a wonderful backdrop to a holiday spent exploring tall deciduous forests and hiking out to pristine waterfalls. The trail that leads out to the 240-foot (78m) Slap Savica Waterfall is an especially popular tourist route, drawing outdoor lovers from all over the continent each year.

Triglav National Park is also perfectly set up for mountain bikers, perhaps taking a cycle tour of central Europe, and for keen mountaineers who wish to get to grips with the rocky slopes. Triglav National Park offers relatively cheap camping, and its close proximity to Italy and Austria makes it an attractive option for budget-conscious travellers who wish to experience the Alps without having to shell out more than they can afford.