Hameln, the famous town of the Pied Piper tale told to children around the world, is a popular tourist destination in Lower Saxony, northern Germany, lying beside the River Weser. The old town centre has been reconstructed with several Renaissance buildings, and some wood-frame historic buildings, all adding to the fairy-tale atmosphere that brings alive the legend of the piper who offered to rid the town of rats, and ended up stealing all the children. A short musical version of the story is performed each Wednesday in the old town between May and September at about 4.30pm, and the Pied Piper himself conducts tours around the town.

Most of the tourist attractions in Hameln are close together, so it's easy to see everything on foot, before enjoying a meal at one of the town's many cafes and beer gardens. The main attraction of the village is its old-world fairy-tale appeal and the feeling that you have stepped back in time. Hameln also hosts a popular Christmas market from late November through December which is a great place to do some shopping for those back home. The town in situated in beautiful mountainous scenery, on the river, and is a great base for excursions out into the countryside.

Website: www.hameln.de