Located just outside of Sochi, the small village of Dagomys is a popular holiday resort on the Black Sea coast. The former haunt of Russian nobility in the 19th century, the holiday residence of Tsar Nicholas II is still standing, having been converted into a large hotel.

The scenic village boasts lovely pebble beaches set against the dramatic backdrop of the Caucasus Mountains, and visitors can tour local tea plantations and the mineral springs of Matsesta. Dagomys is a paradise for outdoor activities, including hiking and bird-watching in the Dendrarium Botanical Gardens.

Summers in Dagomys are noticeably cooler than other coastal areas due to mountain air currents, earning the village its name, which means 'a cool and shady place' in the Adyghe language. While Dagomys is not as lively as nearby Sochi, the resort's quiet and relaxing atmosphere makes a great weekend getaway.