Cape Sounion



Cape Sounion, about 43 miles (69km) east of Athens, is a popular seaside resort loved by locals and visitors alike. On the cliffs above the town is the 5th-century BC Temple of Poseidon, where, according to legend, King Aegeus waited for his son, Theseus, to return from Crete after slaying the Minotaur. According to the legend, Theseus' ship displayed the wrong colour sail on its return, leading the king to believe his son was dead. He threw himself from the cliffs in grief, which is how the Aegean Sea got its name. The temple is the main attraction of Sounion and there are some beautiful views from its vantage point on the cliffs above the sea. Lord Byron signed his name on the temple - visitors should spend some time trying to locate his mark. If possible visit the temple for sunrise or sunset as this is when it is reputed to be most lovely, especially for photographs. There is not much else to do in the little resort town except explore the coastline and eat out at one of the restaurants, but it is a picturesque area and the temple itself remains a very popular excursion. Cape Sounion is easily accessible by bus from Athens.

Address: 43 miles (69km) east of Athens

Website: www.ancient-greece.org/archaeology/sounion.html