Connemara is a wild and barren patchwork of bogs, green valleys, mountains and lakes. On the coast are beautiful fishing villages and some superb white beaches washed by turquoise water - if the weather is good, one could mistake it for paradise. When the weather is misty and rainy it seems rather eerie and magical and even if you can't see very far ahead of you, you'll be taken in by the atmosphere. The weather is very changeable and the light fluctuates almost constantly, which brings out the vivid colours of the various landscapes.

The Connemara National Park encompasses the remarkable granite peaks of the Twelve Bens and is wonderful walking country. You could easily spend a whole Irish holiday in this amazing park; people come to enjoy hiking, fishing, cycling, painting courses, horse riding, rock climbing, sailing, shooting, and golf at Connemara, among other things. There are also many historical sites and more cultural forms of entertainment, with traditional singing, music and dancing almost nightly, and some superb restaurants, pubs, bars and cafes. There are some wonderful camping facilities but also many upmarket guest houses, so the whole range of accommodation is catered for. Connemara is a must for nature lovers exploring Ireland.

Website: www.connemara.ie

Telephone: +353 95 22622