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Tips on travelling to Uganda from Emily Lanyero

Emily is a Ugandan tour guide who loves exploring the country and enjoys sharing her experiences and advice with travellers. 

What is your favourite thing about Uganda?

There are many fantastic things about Uganda but my favourite is the weather. Although it is hot, there are no extremes in the weather conditions; even in the rainy season we still have sunshine and high temperatures, making Uganda a destination that any visitor can enjoy any time of the year.

Where would you send a first-time visitor in Uganda?

I would send a first time visitor to Murchison Falls National Park: it is only about six hours by road from Kampala, or one hour by aircraft. The park boasts unique attractions including the waterfalls, wildlife including the big five, and also the opportunity for visitors can take an exciting boat cruise along the Nile River. The park has a variety of accommodation that can fit any budget, from camping to luxury lodges. This park gives you an idea of what Uganda has in terms of attractions and is a good starting point.

What are your favourite places and attractions in Uganda?

My favourite place is Entebbe town. It is a small, quiet and safe tourist town on the shores of Lake Victoria that is easy to explore on foot or using local transportation motorbikes, known as boda bodas. The town has a variety of hotels and restaurants serving local and international cuisine.  There are curio shops and tourist markets. The Ngamba Islands are just one hour away from Entebbe and you can visit the Chimp Sanctuary and the fishing villages on Lake Victoria or enjoy an evening sun downer boat cruise, cross the equator, and do some birding activity in the Botanical Gardens on the shores of the lake. 

My favourite attractions are the mountain gorillas in Bwindi National Park and the tree-climbing lions in the Ishasha Sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Is there good infrastructure for tourists?

The infrastructure in Uganda is generally good for tourists; however, travellers should be aware that there is variation in quality and infrastructure becomes less reliable outside of cities and towns popular with travellers.

What is the best means of transport when exploring Uganda?

While in Uganda I would recommend a 4WD when exploring the national; a smaller vehicle should be sufficient to explore more urban areas. Whenever possible, avoid the local buses in the city centres.

How safe is Uganda for tourists?

Uganda is 100 percent save for tourists.

What are your favourite local meals?

Plantain (Mashed Bananas also known as Matooke) served with beef or beans or fish.

Are there any parts of the country you would tell travellers to avoid?

Avoid Kidepo Valley National Park during the rainy season if you do not have a 4WD vehicle.

What are the best souvenirs to buy in Uganda?

Ugandan local crafts including Batik art and fabrics.

How long would you recommend people spend in Uganda on holiday?

To really enjoy Uganda, I recommend 7 - 12 days.

How expensive is Uganda as a travel destination?

Compared to her neighbours, Uganda is relatively cheap and offers services and accommodation to suit budget, classic and luxury tourists.