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Brightwater Holidays Ltd

Tour operators Brightwater Holidays offer a portfolio of quality Garden and Special Interest Tours. From the Scottish Highlands to South Africa's famed Western Cape fynbos, the tulips of Holland to the volcanic island of Hokkaido in Japan, explore the splendour of the world's flora in the hands of these green thumbed guides. Leisurely travel the globe, away from the tourist crowds, and tune into the scenic subtleties of each new destination. Enter the private gardens, quaint historical houses and old farmhouses of locals, hidden away from prying eyes, and listen to stories from the stewards of these gardens, while enjoying afternoon tea. Expect a bit of leisure, a good adventure and, always, a hassle-free journey with Brightwater Holidays.

  • Website: www.brightwaterholidays.com
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  • Keywords: garden tours, special interest
  • Departures: United Kingdom
  • Destinations: Albania , Australia , Bulgaria , Costa Rica , France , Italy , Japan , Netherlands , New Zealand , South Africa , Spain , United Kingdom