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Explore Worldwide

Explore was founded in 1981 by three travelling companions who had breathed, eaten and slept travel for as long as they could remember. From the relatively tame overland to Kathmandu, to venturing beyond dubious frontiers, from ferrying Land Rovers across the Ubange on hand-built rafts, to close encounters with unlikely creatures - they had a few stories to share. Whatever the case, their blend of idealism, practicality, skills and culture soon translated into a very simple and successful formula. They called it Explore and the menu was short but inventive: across Iraq overland, Lima to Rio, the Nile by felucca. Many miles down the road, and now offering the most diverse recipes in over 100 countries, the ingredients remain exactly the same: travel in small diverse groups of like-minded people; get further and closer with no frills; do things the local way as much as possible, and respect the local culture; invest in responsible tourism; be 100% organised and professional but also adaptable and always offer good value.

  • Website: www.explore.co.uk
  • Email:
  • Telephone: +44 (0)845 013 1537
  • Keywords: adventure tourism, responsible tourism
  • Departures: United Kingdom
  • Destinations: Bulgaria , Finland , Gibraltar , Iceland , Italy , Norway , Poland , Portugal , Romania