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Sun Island Tours

Sun Island Tours specialises as a niche Mediterranean holiday and tour operator. Brochure holiday destinations include Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Malta, Spain, Egypt, Dubai and Oman. They also have a comprehensive Mediterranean Cruise programme featuring Louis Hellenic Cruise Lines, Golden Star Cruises, MSC Cruises, Zues and Variety Cruises, Thompson Cruises, Star Clipper Cruises and are general sales agents for Louis Cruises operating from Cyprus to the Greek Islands, Egypt, Lebanon, Israel, Syria. Sun Island Tours' offers accommodation, tours, cruises and packages that have been specially selected to cater for any type of holiday, from a vacation away to a business trip, or a group excursion to a once in a life time wedding or honeymoon.

  • Website: www.sunislandtours.com.au
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  • Telephone: 1300 665 673
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  • Destinations: Croatia , Cyprus , Egypt , Greece , Israel , Italy , Malta , Oman , Spain , Turkey , United Arab Emirates