Belarus Travel Health Advice

Vaccinations are recommended for hepatitis A and hepatitis B, but no vaccinations are required for entry to Belarus. The main health risks associated with visiting Belarus are tick-borne encephalitis (for long-term travellers who intend foot-slogging through the forests), measles (occasional outbreaks occur) and diphtheria, so travellers should ensure they are vaccinated against these diseases if they are considered at risk. There have also been cases of human rabies infection in the rural areas, identified as originating with bites from foxes, raccoon, dogs and cats. Visitors should not drink unpurified tap water, unpasteurised milk or consume undercooked food. Medical care is limited and essential medications are frequently not available. Medical facilities lack modern equipment. The best equipped are private clinics, which are available in Minsk. Doctors and hospitals expect payment in cash. Travel health insurance with air evacuation cover is highly recommended.

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Diphtheria, Rabies, Tick-borne encephalitis

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