Flights to Bosnia And Herzegovina

Flights to Bosnia And Herzegovina from the UK

Which Bosnia airport do flights land in?

Flights land in Sarajevo International Airport, located four miles (6km) southwest of central Sarajevo. It is Bosnia's only major international airport.

Are there direct flights between London and Bosnia?

Currently, there are no direct flights to Bosnia from the UK, however there are connecting flights that stop over in Zagreb, Istanbul, Belgrade, Vienna, Munich or Brussels.

How long is the flight from London to Bosnia?

The direct flight from London to Sarajevo takes approximately three hours, however connecting flights take longer.

What is the time difference between London and Bosnia?

Bosnia is only one hour ahead of London time, so there is little likelihood of jetlag.

Which airlines fly to Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Croatia Airlines flies from London Gatwick.
Lufthansa has Bosnia flights from Birmingham and Manchester.
Turkish Airlines has flights from London Gatwick and Manchester.

Airports in Bosnia And Herzegovina

Sarajevo International Airport(SJJ)

The airport is located in the suburb of Butmir, Sarajevo.

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