Cape Verde Currency


The unit of currency is the Cape Verdean Escudo (CVE), broken down into 100 centavos. As this is a local currency it cannot be obtained before arrival and cannot be reconverted outside of Cape Verde. There is a bureau de change at the airport, and local banks will change travellers cheques and foreign currency, although there is a high commission on travellers cheques. ATMs can be found at the airport and in Sal, Praia and Sâo Vincent. Major credit cards, particularly MasterCard and Visa are currently accepted in a few main resort hotels and restaurants. Banks will give cash on credit cards but commissions are high.

Currency Exchange Rates

Cape Verde CVE 1 CVE 5 CVE 10 CVE 100 CVE 1,000
Australia A$ 0.01 A$ 0.07 A$ 0.13 A$ 1.32 A$ 13.25
Canada C$ 0.01 C$ 0.06 C$ 0.13 C$ 1.29 C$ 12.86
Ireland € 0.01 € 0.05 € 0.09 € 0.91 € 9.08
New Zealand NZ$ 0.01 NZ$ 0.07 NZ$ 0.14 NZ$ 1.38 NZ$ 13.83
South Africa R 0.12 R 0.62 R 1.24 R 12.35 R 123.51
United Kingdom £ 0.01 £ 0.04 £ 0.07 £ 0.71 £ 7.06
United States of America US$ 0.01 US$ 0.05 US$ 0.11 US$ 1.07 US$ 10.73

Note: These currency exchange rates are not updated daily and should be used as a guideline only.

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