Colombia Currency


The unit of currency is the Colombian Peso (COP), which is divided into 100 centavos. Banks have no fixed policy on exchanging cash. Some provide the service, some do not, and different banks can differ on this from day to day. Generally foreign exchange is only offered in the early morning. Cash can be exchanged at casas de cambio, or money exchange bureaux, located in cities and border towns. US Dollars are preferred for most exchanges. Visitors are warned to beware of fake US Dollars, which are printed in Colombia. Credit cards, especially Visa, are becoming more widely accepted and are welcome at top hotels and restaurants, travel agents and car rental agencies. In the main towns and cities ATMs are becoming more prevalent, but cards should be used with caution for security reasons.

Currency Exchange Rates

Colombia COP 100 COP 1,000 COP 10,000 COP 100,000 COP 1,000,000
Australia AUD 0.05 AUD 0.46 AUD 4.59 AUD 45.93 AUD 459.30
Canada CAD 0.04 CAD 0.44 CAD 4.37 CAD 43.66 CAD 436.59
Ireland EUR 0.03 EUR 0.30 EUR 2.96 EUR 29.61 EUR 296.15
New Zealand NZD 0.05 NZD 0.50 NZD 4.99 NZD 49.94 NZD 499.38
South Africa ZAR 0.51 ZAR 5.12 ZAR 51.19 ZAR 511.94 ZAR 5,119.38
United Kingdom GBP 0.02 GBP 0.23 GBP 2.34 GBP 23.36 GBP 233.63
United States of America USD 0.03 USD 0.34 USD 3.37 USD 33.70 USD 337.03

Note: These currency exchange rates are not updated daily and should be used as a guideline only.

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