Flights to Comoros

Flights to Comoros from the UK

Which Comoros airport do flights land in?

International flights to Comoros land in Prince Said Ibrahim International Airport, 14 miles (23km) north of Moroni on Ngazidja Island (Grand Comore).

Are there direct flights between the UK and Comoros?

There are no direct flights to the Comoros from the UK but there are cheap connecting flights available.

How long is the flight from the UK to Comoros?

The flight duration from London to Comoros is about 12 hours (if the flight is direct).

What is the time difference between the UK and Comoros?

Comoros is two hours ahead of London time.

Which airlines fly to Comoros from the UK?

Kenya Airways offers cheap indirect flights to Comoros from the UK.

Airports in Comoros

Prince Said Ibrahim International Airport(HAH)

The airport is situated about 16 miles (25km) north of Moroni.

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