Denmark Currency


Danish currency is the Krone (DKK), made up of 100 ore. ATMs are liberally sprinkled throughout the country, and all major credit cards are widely accepted, especially Visa. Most banks are not open on weekends but Copenhagen has several bureaux de change which stay open late at night, seven days a week.

Currency Exchange Rates

Denmark DKK 1 DKK 5 DKK 10 DKK 100 DKK 1,000
Australia AUD 0.19 AUD 0.96 AUD 1.92 AUD 19.24 AUD 192.40
Canada CAD 0.19 CAD 0.95 CAD 1.89 CAD 18.92 CAD 189.23
Ireland EUR 0.13 EUR 0.67 EUR 1.35 EUR 13.45 EUR 134.53
New Zealand NZD 0.20 NZD 1.00 NZD 1.99 NZD 19.92 NZD 199.21
South Africa ZAR 1.85 ZAR 9.25 ZAR 18.49 ZAR 184.94 ZAR 1,849.36
United Kingdom GBP 0.12 GBP 0.58 GBP 1.15 GBP 11.53 GBP 115.34
United States of America USD 0.14 USD 0.71 USD 1.42 USD 14.16 USD 141.61

Note: These currency exchange rates are not updated daily and should be used as a guideline only.

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