Egypt Travel Health Advice

A yellow fever vaccination certificate is required for entry into Egypt from travellers over one year of age coming from infected areas. No other vaccinations are required. Egypt has the highest incidence of hepatitis C in the world but the infection is only acquired through the sharing of contaminated needles and, less regularly, through unprotected sexual intercourse.

Travellers to Egypt should come prepared to beat the heat with a high factor sunblock and drink plenty of water to combat dehydration. Drinking water in the main cities and towns is normally chlorinated but it is advisable to drink only bottled water. Visitors should only eat thoroughly cooked food and fruits they have peeled themselves to prevent travellers' diarrhea. The waters of the Nile are contaminated and should not be consumed or bathed in. Medical treatment can be expensive and standards vary so insurance is strongly advised, including evacuation insurance. Medical facilities outside of Cairo can be very basic.

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