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El Salvador Travel Information

The Basics


Local time is GMT -6.


Electrical current in El Salvador is 120 volts, 60Hz. American-style flat two-pin plugs and a plug with a third round grounding pin are standard.

Local Customs

The people are warm, welcoming, and friendly. However, etiquette in El Salvador can be formal in address. Always use the formal pronoun 'usted' with strangers and acquaintances, and use titles of respect. Greetings are common in shops and in passing on the street, and it is considered rude not to return a greeting. El Salvador culture is patriarchal and women traditionally show respect to men. It is considered rude to put your feet up on a chair or table, or to yawn without covering your mouth.


The international dialling code for El Salvador is +503. Pre-paid SIM cards for mobile phones are cheap and local service providers use GSM networks. Internet access is generally limited to larger urban centres and hotels.

Duty Free

Visitors to El Salvador may import the following goods: 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars or 500g of tobacco in any form, five litres of alcoholic beverages, two kg sweets, six units of perfume and gifts valued up to USD 500.

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