What to see in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Attractions

The attractions of Hong Kong are often thought to revolve exclusively around the brightly lit, energetic metropolis of the city. What is forgotten is that the area known under the cumbersome name of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, extends beyond the vibrant streets of the city proper into pleasant island areas of great aesthetic and cultural interest.

In all likelihood, however, your Hong Kong journey will begin in the urban part of the region, which is easily accessible from the airport. This is a city where east meets west: the architecture is either a curious mix of modern western buildings with oriental trimmings or an out-and-out juxtaposition which sees a temple structure stand opposite a lofty skyscraper. You can visit the Science Museum or the Museum of History, and moments later take in the banking district of Statue Square or the Wong Tai Sin Temple. Such is the mismatched wonder of Hong Kong.

Getting around is relatively easy. Tourists are advised to pick up an Octopus Card, which stores credit that can be used on any form of transport, including ferries, as well as at restaurants and stores.

Out of town, Hong Kong offers numerous underrated natural charms. The Dragon's Back Ridge just behind the city (and to the south) offers exciting views of more than 200 Hong Kong islands. You can visit waterfalls and old towns along the route. Over the ridge, the Shek O Beach provides respite from the city atmosphere. The Ping Shan Heritage Trail, to the northwest, tracks past old face brick homes and forts, abandoned towns from the agricultural age of the region, and up into the impressive heights.


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