Kosovo Travel Information

The Basics

Local Customs

Perhaps understandably, Kosovars tend to be suspicious of foreigners, and reserved in their dealings with them. A very direct communication style is favoured. Visitors to Kosovo might be surprised at how ingrained smoking is in the culture - being offered a cigarette by a new acquaintance is entirely commonplace, and should be seen as a sign of acceptance. Note that, as in many western countries, in Kosovo "Yes" is indicated by nodding one's head; however, if the chin suddenly becomes raised (sometimes accompanied by a clicking sound), this indicates an emphatic "No". Clean shoes are treated as a matter of self-respect in Kosovo.

Duty Free

At present Kosovo still adheres to Serbian customs regulations, which state that visitors may import the following goods duty-free: 200 cigarettes/50 cigars/250g of tobacco, one litre of wine and one litre of spirits, 250ml of eau de toilette and a reasonable amount of perfume, one video and two still cameras, one pair of binoculars, camping equipment, one bicycle and one musical instrument. Weapons and ammunition are prohibited.

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