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Moldova Travel Information

The Basics


GMT +2


Electrical current is 220 volts, 50Hz. Two-pin European-style plugs are standard.


The official language of Moldova is Romanian, but English will be understood in larger cities like Chisinau.


Tipping is becoming increasingly common in Moldova, and is now expected in all restaurants and bars. A service charge is often included in restaurant bills but a further 5 to 10 percent tip is expected. Though it is not always necessary to tip them, taxi drivers can be rewarded for good service.

Safety Information

Visitors should take normal safety precautions in Moldova; keep valuables safe and be aware of pickpockets and scam artists in major cities. Corruption is rife and visitors should be cautious of policemen demanding fines for spurious offences, or asking to see documents as a way of stealing cash; if approached in this way visitors should offer to go with them to the nearest police station before handing over any money or documents. Valuables, including passports, should not be left in hotel rooms, or near the window of a hotel room when you are there.

Local Customs

Visitors to Moldova should not be unduly concerned with transgressing social mores. Moldovans are for the most part polite and friendly, and tend to go out of their way to ingratiate themselves with foreigners. In the more rural areas, there is a social stigma attached to women smokers.

Travellers, and especially those who speak English, are advised to carry their passports with them at all times, as police officials in Moldova have been known to extract bribes from tourists who do not have 'proper identification' on hand.


Business can be quite bureaucratic and old-fashioned. The country adheres to an imbedded hierarchical structure and often it is the eldest who receive the most respect in business and social meetings.

It is important to address each person according to their title followed by their surname; 'Domnul' for Mr. and 'Doamna' for Mrs. Moldovans prefer a face-to-face approach and like to strengthen personal relationships.

Appointments should be made in advance and confirmed. Although the visitor is expected to be punctual, the host may be late to arrive. Meetings are often quite formal and a general 'Western' set of old-world manners applies.

Business suits are appropriate for meetings. Moldovans dislike an overt display of achievement or exaggerated conversation. Business hours are generally 9pm to 5pm Monday to Friday with an hour taken at lunch.


The direct dialling country code for Moldova is +373. There are numerous area codes applying to cities, towns and villages, for example (0)22 for Chisinau. The country is well covered with GSM and 3G mobile phone networks. Internet cafés are available in cities and larger towns.

Duty Free

Travellers to Moldova may import up to 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars, two litres of wine or spirits, five litres of beer, and perfume and gifts in amounts reasonable for personal use.

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