Myanmar Currency


The official currency is the Kyat (MMK) pronounced 'Chat'. The best currency to travel on in Myanmar is the US Dollar. The Foreign Exchange Certificate (FEC) is a legal currency for visiting tourists that is usable in government shops and hotels. It is no longer a requirement to convert US$200 into FEC upon arrival in Myanmar. One FEC is equivalent to one US Dollar. It is recommended to use US Dollars. It is difficult to cash American Express travellers cheques in certain cities, such as Mandalay, and even when it is possible the commission can be as high as 10 percent. US Dollar notes will not be accepted if they are damaged or torn in any way, or have pen marks on them. There is a big difference between the official and unofficial exchange rates in Myanmar; street moneychangers offer favourable rates at hotels and Scott Market. As a rough guide, the black market rate is in the region of US$1 = MMK 1000 - a dramatic difference when compared to the official government rate. Of course, using the black market is risky. Very few major hotels, airlines, shops and restaurants accept credit cards and ATM cards can rarely, if ever, be used. It is advisable to carry cash. Banks are closed on weekends.

Currency Exchange Rates

Myanmar MMK 100 MMK 1,000 MMK 10,000 MMK 100,000 MMK 1,000,000
Australia AUD 0.11 AUD 1.11 AUD 11.13 AUD 111.33 AUD 1,113.29
Canada CAD 0.11 CAD 1.10 CAD 11.01 CAD 110.06 CAD 1,100.62
Ireland EUR 0.07 EUR 0.72 EUR 7.16 EUR 71.55 EUR 715.54
New Zealand NZD 0.12 NZD 1.19 NZD 11.88 NZD 118.76 NZD 1,187.57
South Africa ZAR 1.30 ZAR 13.03 ZAR 130.33 ZAR 1,303.29 ZAR 13,032.87
United Kingdom GBP 0.05 GBP 0.54 GBP 5.37 GBP 53.65 GBP 536.52
United States of America USD 0.08 USD 0.78 USD 7.77 USD 77.70 USD 777.00

Note: These currency exchange rates are not updated daily and should be used as a guideline only.

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