What to see in Oman

Oman Attractions

Oman certainly is a unique destination, offering visitors a myriad of environments and exclusive attractions to experience and enjoy. While not typically considered a holiday spot, when in Oman, tourists find rich culture, incredible terrain as well as other incomparable charms.

The eastern region of the Arabian Peninsula is home to some superb attractions, many of them holding natural beauty matched by little else. Sightseers enjoy exploring the striking beaches, which stretch for miles along the Arabian Sea coastline and provide wonderful swimming spots and activity. There are also wadis, or valleys, to explore, turtle-nesting sites to see as well as the extraordinary desert dunes to discover. The Al Hajar Mountains are also a scenic wonder where visitors can experience the dramatic vistas of canyons, gorges and plateaus.

A must-see is the Nizwa Fort which has stood since the 12th century, and is the most visited tourist attraction. For those in search of local culture, the Old Mutrah Souk is where tourists will find it. Considered to be the most popular traditional bazaar in Muscat, it truly is a marvel.

Known to be a modern and yet traditional travel destination, Oman has a lot to offer those who visit. Home to luxury and opulence as well as rich culture and practice, a trip to Oman will certainly be a memorable one.

Al Hajar Mountains

The Al Hajar Mountains stretch from Muscat, through northern Oman and into the United Arab Emirates. While they initially…

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Beaches in Oman

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Nizwa Fort

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Old Muttrah Souk

Old Mutrah Souk is the most popular traditional bazaar in Muscat. The market is a small maze of narrow alleyways formed…

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Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

The Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque is a new, yet architecturally classic building completed in 2001, and is the third largest…

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