What to see in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Attractions

Although not especially celebrated for its tourism opportunities, Saudi Arabia has some wonderfully culturally enriching sites to visit making it a memorable destination. Apart from the religious pilgrimages, there is growth in Saudi Arabia's leisure tourism sector, which is promising for those hoping to visit the country on holiday.

The cities are bustling and vibrant, each in their own way. Riyadh offers excellent hotels and some breath-taking sights such as the Al Faisaliah golden geodesic dome, one of the tallest buildings in the region. The Al Musmak Castle, an important landmark and heritage site can also be found there.

The historic city of Jeddah is certainly worth the visit. The preserved ancient city is listed as a 'tourist site', as it is the city's seafront corniche, a popular spot with the air of a British seaside resort that draws the country's own domestic holidaymakers. Among it all, the magic of Arabia shines through in the souks (markets) where vendors enthusiastically tout everything from carpets to camel milk.

Rules and regulations can sometimes make sightseeing difficult for foreigners wanting to travel independently, so booking tours is the safest and most stress-free option; however, sites like the ruins of 15th-century Dir'aiyah (the nation's first capital) and trips to the world's largest camel market make for one-of-a-kind experiences which make some sightseeing a must in this somewhat enigmatic country.

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