Seychelles Currency


The Seychelles currency is the Rupee (SCR), divided into 100 cents. Visitors can now pay in SCR and are no longer obligated to pay for all services in major foreign currency notes, but are entitled to use their preferred major foreign currency as well (Euros are the most widely used), or to pay by credit card. It is important to note that it is illegal to exchange foreign currency for Rupees at unofficial outlets, or with individuals, so make sure to get change in the currency used to purchase goods or services. Credit cards are widely welcomed throughout the Seychelles. Money can be exchanged at banks and the airport on Mahé, or at hotels. To change Rupees back into foreign currency on departure requires the official receipt from the initial transaction. ATMs are available at major banks on Mahé, Praslin and La Digue.

Currency Exchange Rates

Seychelles SCR 1 SCR 5 SCR 10 SCR 100 SCR 1,000
Australia AUD 0.09 AUD 0.47 AUD 0.94 AUD 9.40 AUD 93.99
Canada CAD 0.09 CAD 0.45 CAD 0.89 CAD 8.93 CAD 89.34
Ireland EUR 0.06 EUR 0.30 EUR 0.61 EUR 6.06 EUR 60.60
New Zealand NZD 0.10 NZD 0.51 NZD 1.02 NZD 10.22 NZD 102.19
South Africa ZAR 1.05 ZAR 5.24 ZAR 10.48 ZAR 104.76 ZAR 1,047.57
United Kingdom GBP 0.05 GBP 0.24 GBP 0.48 GBP 4.78 GBP 47.81
United States of America USD 0.07 USD 0.34 USD 0.69 USD 6.90 USD 68.97

Note: These currency exchange rates are not updated daily and should be used as a guideline only.

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