Barcelona Port of Call

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Barcelona anchors many Mediterranean cruise itineraries and offers a huge amount for passengers at either end of their trip. The city has many attractions, from Gaudi buildings to people-watching on Las Ramblas, and offers visitors a seductive taste of the Spanish way of life. The beautiful Barcelona port has a number of cruise ship terminals that can be divided into the Quai Adossat Terminals, the Sant Bertrand Wharf Terminal, the World Trade Centre Terminals, and the Port Vell Terminal. Sant Bertrand Wharf and Port Vell are closest to Las Ramblas while Quai Adossat and the World Trade Centre Terminals are a short ride away on the Blue Bus route. Most ships dock at Port Vell which has recently been modernized and offers a very comfortable experience for passengers with duty-free shops, restaurants and good transport links. The port has become a tourist attraction in its own right, with Maremàgnum shopping mall and Europe's largest aquarium on site. Port Vell leads directly on to Las Ramblas, the iconic Barcelona avenue lined with eateries and entertainment that feeds right into the heart of the city.


Turisme de Barcelona

+34 932 853 834 (multi language service)




The Blue Bus leads from the cruise berths to the city and back. Taxis are also a good bet for getting around the city. Otherwise, walking is an ideal option especially in the historic areas and Las Ramblas where pedestrians rule the road. Avoid renting a car unless you wish to travel further afield. The network of metro, buses, trains, funiculars and cable cars is excellent; tickets are good across all forms of transport.


Barcelona deserves a week to explore rather than the single day cruise passengers often get. Don't miss famous sights such as La Sagrada Familia, Gaudi's astounding church; the romantic and medieval Barrio Gothic district; the Picasso Museum and for the football fans, Nou Camp stadium. Head up Montjuic for a vantage point over the city and the chance for a photo of the sun setting over this beautiful city.


La Balsa - international style food, market fresh ingredients

Cal Pep - superb and renowned tapas bar

Alkimia - cutting edge Catalan cuisine

Best Dish



Catch the "Tomb Bus" which is designed for shoppers, linking all the major retail centres; departing every seven minutes from Catalonia Square. Super chic boutiques can be found in the Eixample area, and wonderful little shops can be found all over the old quarter. Spend an hour in El Corte Ingles, the largest department store in Spain for a true Spanish retail experience. Las Ramblas has plenty of interest for shoppers, but lots of tourist gimmicks too (and pick pockets!).

Best Buy

Leather goods from El Corte Ingles


Take a Picasso Museum & Gothic Quarter tour

Visit the 11th century Benedictine Montserrat Monastery

Take a trip to seaside paradise of Sitges

Explore the many attractions of Montjuic

Spend a mouth-watering morning at Boqueria Market

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