Tajikistan Travel Information

The Basics


GMT +5

Local Customs

Tajikistan culture is predominantly Islamic, and tourists should respect that. Modest clothing is expected, but women are not required to cover their heads. Men should not enter a house where only women are present and vice versa. Personal space is not generally respected, especially in public areas. It is polite to remove your shoes when entering a house. When greeting someone, you may shake hands, but it shows respect to also bow slightly with your hand placed over your heart.

Duty Free

Travellers are allowed to inport 200 cigarettes or 100 cigars or 500g of tobacco products; 2 litres of alcohol; perfume for personal use; and other items intended for personal use not exceeding US$500 in value. Complete the customs declaration form in full upon entry into Tajikistan, noting any valuables, jewellery, and electronic goods, plus cash over US$500.

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