Tonga Travel Information

The Basics


GMT +13

Local Customs

Local customs in Tonga tend to be conservative, and the population is predominantly Christian. Toplessness is illegal for both men and women, and it is advised to keep your knees covered at all times. When greeting a stranger, a handshake is appropriate, however family members will press their noses together and exhale loudly. It is acceptable to eat with your hands, and it is customary to wash your hands before and after the meal. Sundays are reserved mainly for religious worship and most restaurants and shops will be closed. While Tonga culture is conservative, its people are warm and hospitable. If staying with or visiting a local family, it is customary to bring a gift.

Duty Free

Visitors to Tonga over the age of 18 years may freely import a camera and personal belongings; 500 cigarettes or 500g of cigars or 250g of loose tobacco; and 2.25 litres of spirits or 4.5 litres of wine or beer for those over 21 years. Restrictions apply to fresh foodstuffs such as meat and dairy products.

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