Turkmenistan Travel Information

The Basics


GMT +5

Local Customs

Etiquette in Turkmenistan is governed by Islamic principles, though the state is officially secular. Conservative dress is required at all times, and neither women nor men wear shorts. Respect for elders is considered very important. Do not refer to Turkmens as Russians or Soviets, and avoid criticising the country in front of locals.

Duty Free

Travellers to Turkmenistan over the age of 21 years can import 2 litres of any alcoholic beverage for without paying duty; those over 16 years of age may import 200 cigarettes or 200 g of tobacco and personal belongings up to a reasonable value. All narcotics, firearms, ammunition and accessories, and antiquities are prohibited from either import or export. The customs declaration, filled out upon entry to Turkmenistan, should be retained. When leaving this form may be used to audit items for export. Video camera are allowed for personal use, but must be declared on arrival.

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