What to see in United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates Attractions

Attractions are certainly not in short supply in the United Arab Emirates, considering not only its vast size, but also its incredible and varied landscape. There is little doubt that visitors will find something to enjoy in any one of the UAE's astounding cities, as well as beyond the city walls in its greater regions.

For most travellers, the towering city of Dubai is the first stop, and for good reason. From exotic souks to hi-tech malls, this ultramodern oasis straddles the ancient past and vivid future of the Middle East. Abu Dhabi is another favourite on most travel itineraries, and visitors are continuously enchanted by the flashy lifestyle of its locals, as well as the beautiful palaces and glittering mosques.

For those less interested in the urban glamour, there are extraordinary underwater wonderlands in which to get lost. The Persian Gulf is renowned for its snorkelling and scuba diving potential, and there are plenty of high-end resorts which make the most of this. Ancient cities and forgotten civilizations also lie hidden in its deserts, such as the spectacular city of Musandam. Here, the bright lights of Dubai and Abu Dhabi will feel centuries away.


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