Flights to United Arab Emirates

Flights to United Arab Emirates from the UK

There are direct cheap flights to the United Arab Emirates from the United Kingdom, arriving at either Dubai International Airport (4km from Dubai city centre) and Abu Dhabi International Airport (32km east of Abu Dhabi).

How long is the flight to the UAE from London?

The flight time from London to Dubai is between seven and eight hours. The flight from London to Abu Dhabi roughly the same.

Which airlines fly to the United Arab Emirates from the UK?

Emirates offers direct cheap flights to the UAE from London Heathrow, London Gatwick, Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham and Newcastle.
British Airways has flights to the UAE from London Heathrow, Edinburgh, Jersey, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Newcastle and Jersey.
Virgin Atlantic flies to the UAE from London Heathrow, Belfast, Edinburgh and Aberdeen.
Royal Brunei has flights to the UAE from London Heathrow.
KLM has UAE flights from London City, Belfast, Liverpool, Leeds Bradford, Norwich, Southampton, Bristol, Cardiff, Exeter, Humberside and Durham Tees Valley.
Air France flies to the UAE from London City.
Oman Air has UAE flights from London Heathrow.
Etihad offers flights to the UAE from London Heathrow, Jersey, Newcastle, Leeds Bradford, Isle of Man, Aberdeen, Bristol, Birmingham, Belfast, Glasgow, East Midlands, Exeter, Southampton and Edinburgh.
bmi has flights to the UAE from London Heathrow.
Lufthansa offers UAE flights from London City, London Gatwick, Birmingham and Edinburgh.
Pakistan International flies to the UAE from Leeds Bradford.
Air Berlin flies to the UAE from Guernsey.
Brussels Airlines offers flights to the UAE from Birmingham, Bristol and Newcastle.
Flybe has UAE flights from Manchester.

Flights to United Arab Emirates from the USA

There are direct flights to the United Arab Emirates from the USA , arriving at Dubai International Airport (4km from Dubai city centre) and Abu Dhabi International Airport (32km east of Abu Dhabi).

How long is the flight to the UAE from the US?

The flight time to Abu Dhabi from Chicago is roughly 14-15 hours, and is the only direct flight to Abu Dhabi from the US. The flight time to Dubai from Los Angeles is roughly 16 hours, while a direct flight from Dallas to Dubai is 14-15 hours.

Which airlines fly to the United Arab Emirates from the USA?

Emirates has direct cheap flights to the UAE from Los Angeles, Dallas, San Francisco and Seattle.
Virgin Atlantic offers UAE flights from Boston, Las Vegas, Orlando and Miami.
Etihad offers flights to the UAE from Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Atlanta, Boston, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, San Diego, Phoenix, Minneapolis, Denver, San Antonio, Port Columbus, New Orleans, Indianapolis, Houston, St Louis, Orlando, Miami, Las Vegas, Nashville, Cleveland, Des Moines, Cincinnatit, Buffalo, Memphis, Salt Lake City, Baltimore, Austin and Jacksonville.
United has flights to the UAE from New York, Washington DC, Nashville, Portland, Oakland, New Orleans, Milwaukee, Savannah, Louisville, Palm Springs, Syracuse, Tampa, Port Columbus, San Jose, Honolulu, San Antonio, Buffalo, Colorado Springs, Cleveland, Aspen, St Louis, Providence, Tucson, Wichita, Albuquerque, Dallas, Austin, Kansas City, Indianapolis and Jacksonville.
American Airlines has flights to the UAE from New York, Albuquerque, San Diego, Pittsburgh, Phoenix, Minneapolis, Port Columbus, Memphis, St Louis, Portland, Milwaukee, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Tucson, Nashville, Honolulu, Salt Lake City, Tulsa, San Jose, Tampa, Dayton, Cleveland, Baltimore, Detroit, El Paso, Cincinnati, Charlotte, Fort Lauderdale, Knoxville, Kansas City, Jacksonville and Indianapolis.
Delta offers flights to the UAE from New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington DC, Providence, Portland, San Jose, Port Columbus, Minneapolis, San Diego, Mobile, Nashville, Omaha, New Orleans, Phoenix, Cleveland, Denver, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, Knoxville, Memphis, Louisville, Syracuse, Honolulu, Kansas City, Indianapolis, El Paso, St Louis, Sioux Falls, Tucson, West Palm Beach, Salt Lake City, Columbus, Anchorage, Baltimore, Dayton, Albuquerque and Fort Lauderdale.
British Airways offers UAE flights from Phoenix, San Francisco, San Diego, Philadelphia, Orlando, Miami, Boston, Denver, Washington DC, Seattle, Tampa, Dallas, Baltimore, Las Vegas and Houston.
Lufthansa has flights to the UAE from Washington DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Orlando, Seattle, Denver, Miami, Philadelphia, Dallas, Atlanta, Boston, Detroit and Houston.
KLM offers flights to the UAE from Atlanta Portland, Memphis, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, Pittsburgh, Detroit and Cincinnati.
Continental flies to the UAE from Minneapolis, Mobile, Nashville, Oklahoma City, New York, New Orleans, Milwaukee, Lexington, Knoxville, Lincoln, Memphis, Palm Springs, St Louis, Tucson, Wichita, Washington DC, Savannah, Providence, Portland, Port Columbus, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, San Jose, Santa Barbara, San Antonio, Salt Lake City, Sacramento, Charlotte, Buffalo, Colorado Springs, Cleveland, Aspen, Anchorage, Baltimore, Dallas, Honoulu, Helena, Kansas City and Jacksonville.
Qatar Airways has UAE flights from Washington DC.
Air Berlin offers flights to the UAE from Fort Meyers.
Asiana Airlines flies to the UAE from Honolulu.Condor flies to the UAE from Las Vegas and Fort Lauderdale.
Swiss has flights to the UAE from Tampa and Philadlephia.
Lufthansa has UAE flights from Orlando, Miami, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Boston, Denver and Detroit.

Airports in United Arab Emirates

Dubai International Airport(DXB)

The airport is three miles (4km) from Dubai city centre and 105 miles (170km) from Abu Dhabi.

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Abu Dhabi International Airport(AUH)

The airport is 20 miles (32km) east of Abu Dhabi.

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Al Ain International Airport(AAN)

8 miles (18km) northwest of Al Ain

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