Ohio Travel Guide

Cincinnati skyline, Ohio © Ibagli

Located to the south of Lake Erie, Ohio is the easternmost of the Great Lake states and one of the most industrialised regions in the country. Railroads, the Ohio River and the ports on Lake Erie, as well as the construction of the Erie-Ohio Canal linking the two waterways, aided the state's development as a major manufacturing centre, combined with abundant natural resources that enabled its cities to become important centres of industry. However most of the industry is clustered around the Ohio River to the east.

Although dominated by its three main cities, Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati, and all that they have to offer now that they have successfully been rejuvenated, the most visited destinations in the state are the sandy shores of the Lake Erie Islands with a wide range of recreational activities including boating, fishing, swimming, as well as numerous historical sites and nature areas.

Despite its association with industry and pollution, the state of Ohio is mostly covered in fertile farmland, and the northeast is home to the world's largest Amish population, a decidedly old-fashioned community who sell their freshly grown produce along with traditional handmade crafts in the small town country shops. To the south lies Ohio's outback, a less populated region that is heavily forested and can best be experienced in Wayne National Forest.

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