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What to see in Scotland


Scotland is a treasure trove for lovers of the outdoors, despite the notoriously damp, chilly and changeable weather; in fact, mist and cloud often seems to add extra drama to the rugged landscapes of the country. Natural attractions include the famous Loch Ness, and Ben Nevis, the highest peak in Britain. Amongst all this natural beauty, ancient archaeological sites add to the mystery and intrigue: Skara Brae, on the main island of Orkney, is one of the best preserved Stone Age villages in Europe; Orkney also boasts Neolithic monuments like chamber tombs and stone circles; and the Antonine Wall, once the northwestern frontier of the Roman Empire, dates back to about 140 AD. Scotland is also famously rich in romantic old castles, with favourites including Stirling Castle, Edinburgh Castle and Balmoral Castle.

Although Scotland's long history is celebrated, the country also boasts some wonderful modern attractions. Edinburgh is a gorgeous mixture of Gothic mystique and fashionable modernity, with great restaurants and shopping as well as museums and historic attractions, and Glasgow is fast establishing itself as a fun and feisty alternative to the capital for travellers. The many whisky distilleries, islands, fishing villages and golf courses also attract droves of tourists to Scotland.

Edinburgh Castle

The imposing castle that stands on the craggy mound of an extinct volcano in the heart of Edinburgh is not only the city's top attraction, but a proud and lasting symbol of the Scottish nation. The…

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Loch Ness

Loch Ness is situated in the Great Glen that links Inverness on the east coast to Fort William in the west. The most famous lake is 24 miles (39km) long, half a mile (1km) wide and 700ft (213m) deep…

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Royal Mile

An essential activity for travellers in Edinburgh is a stroll along the Royal Mile, a succession of streets forming the main thoroughfare of Edinburgh's Old Town. Fittingly, the Royal Mile is approximately…

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Ben Nevis

The highest peak on the British Isles, Ben Nevis, affectionately known as 'The Ben' among locals, is an extremely popular destination for serious mountaineers and intrepid hikers alike. Located near…

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