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May 2009
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May 2010
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Golden Holidays and Travel Company (GHNTC) was established with an objective to provide "FUN" Safari/Travel packages to both the Kenyan and International markets. Our commitment remains customer care with our ultimate goal being to ensure that all our customers receive the ultimate Safari experience where tourism and travel is concerned. OUR MISSION GHNTC mission is to become the foremost provider of "FUN" and convenient travel to all markets. GHNTC seeks to connect newcomers and veterans with services that fit their requirements and budget. KEYS TO OUR SUCCESS An opportunity for GHNTC's success exists because the tourism and travel industry is growing. GHNTC is poised to take advantage of this growth and all markets have a large concentration of outdoor recreation enthusiasts or those wishing to travel in leisure or business. These individuals or groups are GHNTC's primary customers. VALUE-ADDED SERVICE The value added services of GHNTC offers knowledge and expertise, competitive rates, and specialty focus on travel, which translates into increased satisfaction for the customer. WHY TRAVEL WITH US? Many potential customers are unsure of the location they wish to reach. Part of the value associated with working with us is the knowledge we posses about Kenyan destinations. Customers look to us to provide them with sound advice for a competitive price. GHNTC is confident in its ability to do so. Time is a precious commodity. Ghntc saves the customer time and money, and helps to ensure that all our customers are satisfied with their vacation/ holiday. Additionally, many of GHNTC customers spend 50 weeks of the year in an office. Ghntc offers people the ability to get away. These benefits include better health, excitement, personal growth, ear-to-ear grins, and a whole lot of FUN. CUSTOMER SERVICE GHNTC adheres to the theory that the goal of business is to create and keep customers. Our marketing strategy reflects this goal as we build our reputation in the Kenyan market. Our Tours & Travel Consultants are experienced travelers, and experts in their fields, with an excellent product knowledge that will assist in booking the most appropriate tour/ safari for you. We also make sure that before you travel, you are equipped with all the necessary information about visa, health, packing lists, cultural issues and your safety. Your itinerary is equally set out prior to your safari. SERVICE DETAILS Our Service offering as follow * International & Domestic Air Tickets * Railway Tickets * Kenya & East Africa Tour Packages Luxury, Budget, Camping, Flight, Customized, Mountain Climbing, Diving, Culture & Sports Safaris * Internartional Tour Packages Dubai, Egypt, Europe, Far East, India, Indian Ocean Islands, Nepal, South Africa and all over the world * The Cruise Packages * Exclusive Group Family, Company Tours Advisors * Weekend Getaways & Holidays all over the world * Excursions & Airport Transfers * Conference/ Event Organizing & Workshop Packages * Transit Packages/ Overseas Travel Insurance * Vehicle Hire Car Hire/ Fleet Leasing & Shuttle Services Bridal/ Executive/ Staff Transport & Cab Services Saloon/ 4*4/ Vans * Luxury or Budget Accommodation all over the world Hotel, Camping, Lodge Bookings * Any other services related to the Travel Industry
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Golden Holidays is a Inbound and OutbouncdTour Operator
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<254 20 370912/dd>
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