hotels in milan
  • hello

    my family and I are travelling to italy for the first time in may. Can anyone advise me on hotels in milan namely 4star. (could consider 3star if they are recomendable)

  • Do not think of Cervo hotel near malpenza airport...

    and in general don't think of staying in hotel near malpenza airport, it's about an hour and a half, 7 euro to milan by bus and another 7 euro for return.
    It wastes time and effort of ur trip... think of something near the center....

    Goodluck, i think the other cervo hotel near the train station is good. I only entered it's reception.
  • I want to know about really cheap hostels in Milan. Is there any facility of bicycle rental and is it recommended to rent a bicycle in Milan and ride through the city? Plus I also want to know what are the attractions in Milan, I am a student and looking for a good but cheap holiday... any comments ?

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