Flying London-Libya-Cape Town
  • Hi,

    Does anyone have advice for me?

    I am trying to book flights to Cape Town from London. I have noticed the cheapest price means a stop in Libya.
    What are the visa requirements if I am just getting a connecting flight?

    Thank you
  • Dafosham - if you are flying with the same airline it will usually mean that you stay on the plane while passengers disembark and new ones get on. You will not get off the plane and you will not need a visa.

  • Thank you for your help, I never thought of it that way!

    Another thing if anyone can help is the issue with transcribing passports into arabic. If I do not have to get off the plane this would probably not need to be done, however, if I do get off the plane how does one go about getting their passport translated?
  • You need to contact the airline to ensure that you will not disembark in Libya - there are no transit approvals so I am sure that you will not get off. You must have your passport translated prior to disembarking into Libya. To have a passport translated, you need to contact the Libyan Embassy in your country and they will give you a list of authorised personnel. They will not accept translations from anyone else. the translation is actually a stamp in your passport but you need to complete a form to have this done.

  • Hi,

    Thank you for all of your help. I haven't booked anything as of yet and am trying to contemplate paying extra for a direct no hassles flights or paying less and having to prepare a bit more beforehand.

  • It's a pleasure - sometimes the direct flight is the best option and that's usually why it's cheaper. But consider perhaps taking a stopover with one of the cheaper air fares. Most airlines offer fares that include a stopover either on the way there or back. This may be a bonus. Any way - enjoy your vacation however you decide to get there.

  • You'll not need either visa or translation - don't worry!

    We know what we're talking about -

    Safe travels, Sam.
  • You need a visa if you plan to leave the transit area.

    Best regads
    Sherwes Travel

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