red haired teenager, going to skanes, tunisia?!?!
  • hello,

    me and my boyfriend, who are 18 and 19 are going to tunisia in early june.. (houda beach and golf club) and i had a few questions.

    1). what sort of weather should i expect this time of year.
    2). ive been told to be wary because of my hair colour and my age and gender? - should i be worried.
    3). opinions on the hotel, and surroundings of the hotel.
    4). someone reccomended a quad biking expedition that they did numerous years ago, is this still available?

    thanks, shannon.
  • Hi Shannon

    1. The weather in June in Tunisia will be warm to hot so you can certainly go swimming yay
    2. So you have red hair - it's not a problem. Mostly you will be stared at because you are a foreigner and all the Tunisian men look at women. Take it as a compliment and don't be worried, it's safe
    3. Skanes on the beach is a nice area but it started life as an industrial area and you will find that if you travel too far away from the coast line. The hotel is one of a large chain in Tunisia and should be fine
    4. Quad biking is still available

    Have a great vacation

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