Visa requirement for Lithuanian traveling to Thailand
  • Hello everyone

    I'm a lithuanian passport holder living in the UK. I'm planing to go to Thailand in June. I'm traveling for 2 months, hopefully traveling around Thailand's neighbouring countries as well.

    I'm really confused about the Visa I need as my return ticket from Bangkok is after 2 months. Does it mean I have to get it for 2 months? or can I apply for 30 days, then leave and come back after a few weeks and gett fifteen days visa? I've heard the thai authorities have become more strict with visas for backpackers, any idea?

    I would be really grateful for any tips or help.

    Many thanks!
  • You need a tourist Visa which is valid for 3 months, If you want to leave Thailand you need to get 2 entry visa which will cost you more.

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